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Engineered Stone

TCC has had excellent results in camouflaging many issues to avoid customers having to replace their quartz countertops. In most situations, TCC can promise a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your quartz countertops, at a price far less than it would cost you to replace your quartz countertops


Although granite is a very durable surface, you may experience issues that you weren’t expecting. Does your granite have a crack? Is the seam separating? Has it developed a chip? Did something cause it to scratch? TCC can help to camouflage those damaged areas, so your granite will stay looking great and at a price far less than it would cost you to replace your countertops.


Does your solid surface (Acrylic) countertop or sink have any of the following: Cracks, Scratches, Dullness , Knife Marks, Stains Discoloration ,Chips or Pits?

If your countertop no longer has that like-new look and feel, TCC will help make your acrylic counter tops look refreshed and brand new again!


Do you currently have a Acrylic sink that is cracked or damaged? Are you thinking about installing a stainless steel sink, or want to replace your current sink with another acrylic sink? Does your Acrylic sink have stains or scratches? We can come in and replace that sink.

Silicon and Caulking

Is your silicone looking dirty and difficult to clean? Is it developing mold?

We are here to help. Our experienced service technician has a variety of silicone products, and can install new silicone!


We’ve been making modifications to existing countertops for over 20 years, and can take care of almost anything you need. Contact us and see how we can assist you with your countertop project.

Send us over pictures of what you want repaired and we will send you over a quote shortly.

Granite & Tile and Grout Cleaning

Even the most beautiful and expensive tile can appear dingy and unattractive if it is surrounded by dirty or stained grout. Foot traffic, spills, improper cleaning methods and cleaning products are the main causes of unattractive grout.

We first apply a non toxic pH neutral cleaner to your tile and grout. We then deep clean your tile and grout by machine with a vapor steam cleaning method. For particularly stubborn areas we use a high speed yet gentle scrubber that extracts the dirt from your tile and grout. Our final step is to seal your grout so as to protect against stains and spills.


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