Services We Offer

Services we provide (Turnkey Options)

  • Indoor / Outdoor Countertops
  • Kitchen Countertops standard / full height backsplash
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Tub surrounds and Shower walls
  • Glass Shower walls and doors
  • Table Tops
  • Fireplace walls and hearths
  • Remove existing countertops and Tile
  • Tile Backsplash and other tile applications
  • Sinks
  • Faucets
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Modification
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall
  • Painting


We offer repair and restoration of solid surface and natural stone countertops. For years, The Countertop Company has been restoring, repairing, and renewing solid surface, Granite and Quartz countertops for homes and businesses. If you own a solid surface, granite or quartz countertop, and it is damaged (cracked, scratched, chipped, burned, seam separated, etc.) The Countertop Company can restore your countertop to make most damages virtually disappear and your countertop will look brand new again! Even if your solid surface was installed over 5, 10, even 20+ years ago, after the restoration service, it can look as good as the day it was first installed.

Having been in the countertop industry for over 22 years, we offer the highest quality restoration of your solid surface and natural stone surfaces. The Countertop Company has built its reputation on gorgeous countertops, impeccable craftsmanship, and customer service. Detail is key! Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We also offer professional cleaning and sealing to help prevent staining and etching.
It’s cost effective! Protect your investment with a restoration service from The Countertop Company! Contact us today to schedule service and your countertop will look brand new again!

Sink Installation/Repair

Do you currently have a solid surface sink that is cracked or damaged? Were you thinking about installing a stainless steel sink? Do you want an integrated seamless sink? We have been doing sink replacements for years! Contact us today and see if can help you with your new sink style!

Do you own a sink that has developed stains that you cannot remove? Are there deep scratches that can be seen? Our refinish and buffing service will make your solid surface sinks look as good as they did when they were first installed! Do you need a new sink that is bigger or smaller? We can do retrofit sink replacements and do the modifications on the very same day!

Countertop Services

Silicone and Caulking

Is your silicone looking dirty and nearly impossible to clean? Is it developing mold? No Problem, we can help! Our experienced service technician is outfitted with a variety of silicone products, and can remove your old silicone and install new silicone.


Do you want to add a new section to your existing solid surface Countertop? Are you installing a new cooktop that is larger or smaller? Do you need the gaps to be filled or trimming on the sides to fit in a larger one? Do you need new holes drilled in your granite countertop? We’ve been making modifications to existing countertops for years. Contact us and see how we can help you with your countertop project.

We Offer (turnkey options)

  • Free, No Pressure In-Home Estimates
  • Fabrication and Installation of: Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Shower Walls
    One thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we offer one day tear-out and installation (on most projects).
  • Sub-deck
  • Tear-out and Disposal of Existing Countertops
  • Sinks, Faucets, and Corbels
  • Re-hooking of Kitchen and Bath Plumbing
  • Tile Backsplash Design and Installation
  • Sink, Cook-top and Outlet Cutouts
  • Sink and Countertop Repair
  • Slab Yard
    Come look at our slab yard. We have a large selection of quartz and granite remnants. We’ll help you pick the perfect top for your vanity. We also offer butcher block countertops for your entire kitchen or just your island.
  • DIY Soapstone Countertops
    We will provide pre-cut Soapstone and help you along the way as you create and/or install your very own Soapstone kitchen.
  • Kitchen Remodeling Advice
    We’ve seen thousands of kitchens in our 23 years of experience. We can offer suggestions that can turn your idea into a dream kitchen!
  • Referrals to Other Trades
    1. Slab and Tile Yards
    2. Tile Installers
    3. Cabinet Makers, Re-facers and Re-finishers
    4. Contractors
    5. Painters

DIY Soapstone Countertops

We offer DIY soapstone where you can save money and cut and/or install yourself. Soapstone is a hard material, but is a softer stone than granite or quartz and can be cut without any special tools. Please give us a call for more details.

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