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  • Top 10 creative considerations when buying cabinets!

    If you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or home office, it is especially important to think about your habits and how you work in these areas. Sure, there are plenty of options in cabinet configurations, accessories, and finishes, but perhaps they are not all for you.

    If you are a foodie, then open designs or glass in doors may be key, so you can see and access spices and condiments; if you are concerned about organization, the amount of storage and layout might be important.

    At any rate, it is important to think about how best to solve your current problems. What do you like in your existing layout, and what don’t you like? If you had a choice, what are your wants, and how do they work with your needs.

    We have put together a list of the top 10 creative considerations when buying cabinets. Click here to see the full list.Torino grey wood kitchen in San Diego, CA

  • So whats changing this year for Kitchen Trends

    So whats changing this year for Kitchen Trends.

    Check out this article by Decor Magazine. See what 2019 brings this year with whats what. Is it true that Granite is out? Whats your thoughts? We’ll see an emphasis on pared-back cabinetry, quality materials, curated wares, a mingling of metals, black (so much black) and a general salt-of-the-earth feel.

    Kitchen Renovation Trends – Get Inspired By The Top 32


    Once you decide to replace those old, out of date kitchen countertops, the first question is usually, “how long does it take to replace my countertops?”  The old ones get uglier by the day while we are awaiting the new ones to be completed and installed. The time it takes to replace kitchen countertops varies for many reasons. No matter which type of countertop material you choose for replacement countertops, there is one key you should keep in mind: Get started as early as possible. If you’re hoping to have the replacement countertops in place for the holidays, relatives coming for a visit or other big event, plan well in advance for best results.

    Some countertops take more time to make offsite before they are installed. (such as butcherblock)  Some countertops take longer to install onsite. (Such as full backsplash countertops) How much time to install different types and materials is needed depends on what you choose. Here are some ideas of the time it takes to replace kitchen countertops.

    Granite and Marble countertops:  Once the color and other options are completed and contract is signed. 2-4 weeks (depending on availability of material) From the time you begin to look until the installation of your new countertops is complete, plan at least 1 month.

    Butcherblock: Once you have choosen the options ( Wood species , pattern and edge you want) , Contract is signed. Waiting for the butcherblock to be custom made takes a  approx 4-6 weeks. From the time you begin to look until the installation of your new countertops is complete, plan at least 2 months. That gives you the time to find what you really want without rushing and will reduce the stress of “cutting it close” if you need the replacement countertops in place by a certain date.


    Things to remember: 

    Oct, Nov and Dec are always busy months for the fabricator. So plan accordingly. Everyone wants there kitchens done for the busy season of family dinners.

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    See our Remnant Selection at www.tccslabyard.com . We have a big selection of remnants and full slabs. The site will show you pictures along with sizes.We are doing a winter special on all remnants. 10% off. We are adding daily new colors and brands.Come back often to see new arrivals.

  • Kitchen Countertop Tip

    Do I have to use the same material through out my kitchen?

    TIP: You don’t have to use the same material for every counter space. A durable surface such as soapstone, granite or Silestone is great near the stove and sink where stains are more likely to occur. If you like a more porous stone like marble, use it where spills can be minimized, like an island. When mixing countertop surfaces do try to avoid mixing two different materials with movement. Instead try a solid with one that is veined—pair materials like you would an outfit.

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  • Spring is in the air

    Spring is in the air. Let new adventures begin. How about a new beautiful KITCHEN COUNTERTOP. Give us a call we would be happy to help make that adventure happen.

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