• New cabinet colors coming in Spring 2021!

    So, while some colors are going away, we have new colors to address the 2021 design trends. Good neutrals and one bold! Keep checking back to see when they become available for purchase. Like and Follow on Facebook.

    New Cabinet Color Announcement by The Countertop CompanyLike The Countertop Company on Facebook logo

  • Buy Discounted Cabinet Colors before inventory runs out!

    Ever wish you knew ahead of everyone else when a deal on cabinets is happening? Sure you do!

    Well, now you can get the jump on two of our discounted colors on our cabinet website: TCCKitchenCabinets.com.

    The discounted price is already updated when you choose either of the colors, York Antique White or Torrance Dove.

    Discounted Price by The Countertop Company

  • Create a decorative foundation for your countertops with beautiful kitchen cabinets & trim

    When designing your kitchen cabinets don’t forget to think about decorative add-ons and finishes. These are the features that make your layout truly unique to you. Decorative legs are especially valuable to give your kitchen design a custom feel without the custom cost. A few finishes like this accent the features of your cabinet profiles so they really stand out. You can order them on our kitchen cabinet website. Learn more and read the entire blog here.

    Also, if you are looking for a complete remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to browse our online showroom. We have hundreds of cabinets to choose from and everything is available for order online. Once you have placed your order, one of our salespersons will contact you to confirm everything, and only then will you be charged. Easy POINT, CLICK, ORDER!

    Go to TCCKitchenCabinets.com to get started.

    Castleberry antique white cabinet in San Diego