Use cabinets to build a functional feature wall in your new home office

Working remotely now? Redesigning your space to accommodate your new work-at-home lifestyle? Think about building in cabinets that are both functional and direct the eye in appealing ways.

If you have a room that doesn’t have a feature wall or focal point, you can add cabinets and shelves to create an eye-catching and attractive feature wall that will enhance your space. Now that millions of Americans are working from home, and redesigning their home office space, this is more of an option than ever.

Sometimes, a fireplace or artwork will serve this function, but if you have neither of those things, don’t worry, a feature wall with well chosen cabinets and shelves can be a great alternative. Read the original article here: TCCKitchenCabinets.comShaker antique white office banner in San Diego, CA