See our Remnant Selection at

See our Remnant Selection at . We have a big selection of remnants and full slabs. The site will show you pictures along with sizes.We are doing a winter special on all remnants. 10% off. We are adding daily new colors and brands.Come back often to see new arrivals.

Kitchen Countertop Tip

Do I have to use the same material through out my kitchen?

TIP: You don’t have to use the same material for every counter space. A durable surface such as soapstone, granite or Silestone is great near the stove and sink where stains are more likely to occur. If you like a more porous stone like marble, use it where spills can be minimized, like an island. When mixing countertop surfaces do try to avoid mixing two different materials with movement. Instead try a solid with one that is veined—pair materials like you would an outfit.