NEW! Custom Art Inlays

Custom Artistic Inlays

We now have an in-house artist who is expanding our product line to include custom art inlays. What does that mean? You can either choose from our own stock of art inlays, or you can work with the artist to create your own.

The sky is the limit with creativity! You can create your own unique theme of artwork to express your interests in wine, beer, equestrian life, farm life, surfing, sky diving, fishing – well, you get the idea.

Contact Zane at (850) 462-2781 to set up an appointment to discuss your ideas. The inlays can be any size – even as a patio inlay around a pool.

You can install an inlay in your:

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • patio
  • outdoor space (weather-resistant stone used)

Basically, bring your ideas and we’ll work to make your dream come true.

Commercial Applications

Because we have our own fabrication facility, we can produce inlays to any size and budget. Commercial applications can include: (indoor/outdoor):

  • Wineries
  • Breweries
  • Entry ways
  • Building sides
  • Art walls
  • and more…

Contact Zane to  discuss your options at (850) 462-2781.

Artistic Inlay

Artistic Inlay

Inlay close-up

Inlay close-up

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